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Auto signal simulator


1. The all cars crankshaft signal simulation expert: Twelve way set arbitrary waveform output, can produce all of today's car engine crankshaft, camshaft signal (Hall, magnetoelectric, photoelectric signal), waveform data will be pre-served by computer for long term.


2. All magnetoelectric crankshaft signal will be isolated by transformer, ensure no interference between signals.


3. The whole series of car sensor signal simulation expert: The rotational speed signal, the speed signal (Hall, magnetoelectric, photoelectric signal), the ABS wheel speed signal, oxygen sensor signal, throttle valve, the accelerat or pedal signal, air flow meter, the intake pressure sensor (analog, digital), knock sensor etc signals simulation.


4. The All cars actuator drive experts: Tachometer, odometer, blower control module, ignition module, frequency and pulse width control solenoid valve, car audio power amplifier.


5. The All cars actuator simulation expert Diesel common rail injector,rail pressure control valve, ignition coil, injector, idle stepper motor, ultrasonic generator,etc actuator simulation.



Instrument Applications:


-Automobile sensor dynamic diagnosis/Automobile engine/Transmission/ABS/Air Conditioning/Anti Theft  and  other computer repair/Auto teaching AIDS model driven/Automobile production development

-The utility model is suitable for Germany/the United States/Japan/South Korea/other domestic mini models etc hundreds of models




1. Can set the waveform output:
-It can set twelve channels waveform output arbitrary, can simultaneously output crankshaft 1 º angle signal, the signal of cylinder detection, TDC of cylinder 1 signal, camshaft signal, phase precision.
-This machine is applied to crankshaft and camshaft signal simulation of all vehicles worldwide; also applies to the crankshaft and camshaft signal input, output simulation,and all of the automatic transmission input, output shaft signal simulation;
-ABS three or four channel wheel speed signal simulation; computer set the waveform, and waveform can be long-term preservation;

2. Output signals: magnetoelectric signals, hall, photoelectric signal;

3. Duty cycle drive: duty cycle 1 ~ 99% continuous adjusting,frequency of 11 files regulation

4. The sensor signal simulation: resistance of 100 Ω ~10000 Ω voltage 0V~5V × 4 0V~1.5V   
5. Actuator drive simulation: 69 channel output simultaneously





The User Set Crankshaft of Different Types Accorfinh to different Independent Engine Control System


01. The signal output (applicable to all car models of computer driven)

02. Automatic transmission input/output shaft signal simulation
03. Set to write into the waveform data directly
04. Engine revolving speed signal output
05. The speed signal output (hall signals, magnetoelectric)
06. Three or four channel ABS wheel speed signal output
07. Computer board working current test
08. EGR solenoid valve simulation
09. CANP Canister Purge solenoid simulation
10. Tachometer simulation and drive
11. Blower control module driver
12. Auxilliary air regulator simulation        
13. Stepping motor simulation(Four/Six line)
14. Fuel injector simulation
15. Ignition coil simulation
16. The ignition module simulation
17. Reversing radar (ultrasonic) probe drive
18. The shift valve of automatic transmission simulation
19. Diesel injector simulation
20. Rail pressure regulator simulation
21. Shift quality valve simulation
22. Oil pressure regulating valve simulation
23. Water temperature, air temperature, outdoor temperature and evaporation temperature sensor signal simulation
24. Oxygen sensor signal simulation (manual)
25. The accelerator pedal double channel signal simulation        
26. Throttle signal simulation
27. CANP Canister purge solenoid simulation
28. Air flow meter,manifold Absolute Pressure Sensor (analog, digital) signal simulation
29. Brake switch simulation
30. Clutch switch simulation
31. A\C request signal simulation
32. A\C relay simulation
33. Fule pump relay simulation
34. Radiator fan relay simulation
35. Audio signal output, power amplifier drive
36. Steering pressure switch simulation
37. Fuel injection pulse width measurement
38. Central door lock server simulation
39. Anti theft resistance simulation
40. Knock sensor signal simulation
41. Computer board working current test
42. User extensional functions


 Packing List:

-1set x The MST-12000 sensor signal simulator          
-60 pieces x The data line                               
-1 piece x Power line                                 
-1 piece x The USB data line                           
-1 piece x Data disc