Xin Si Cheng Technology


Shenzhen Xinsicheng Information Technology Co. Ltd., located at Shenzhen Longgang district, is a high-tech company specialized in development and manufacture of Diagnosis Instrument for automobile and motorcycle, and High End Automatic Intelligent Device (robot). With an automated production line of computer board for motorcycle’s ECU (Euro 5 standard), which has domestic independent intellectual property rights, reached an annual production capacity over 2 millions. Our company has a number of highly qualified R&D teams to ensure the stability of product quality and the advancement of technology, constantly develop and manufacture high-tech products.

In order to meet the market demand, especially for the arrival of stage four of National Emission Standard, our company accumulates richly experience, improve constantly our production line, to meet the demands of high-end market. MST series Motorcycle Diagnosis Instrument are praised as “good helper of Read & Clean Codes” by frontline maintenance technicians, due to its good accuracy, friendly operation interface, fast and convenience. MST has become a leading brand in domestic motorcycle industry.

Our company cooperated with ZONGSHEN, LIFAN, DAYUN, DELI, FAI, Piaggio, Tayo, to develop the motorcycle EFI diagnostic equipment, and provides many motorcycle companies with robotic arms and intelligent processing equipment for fully automated production line, greatly improve the production capacity of motorcycle computer board, driving the development of motorcycle industry chain.
Our company always pursues cutting-edge technology, standing at the forefront of industry. Our core competitiveness and innovative ability of EFI Motorcycle ECU technology will reach the international leading level in the high-end intelligent (robot) field.

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