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Automotive, boat, truck, motorcycle engine Borescope Tube and pipe inspection USB Digital Semi-Rigid Articulating Borescope

Cable cam : Semi-Rigid


Length: 80cm

180° articulating  

Cam Diameter 8.5mm

LED lights 6pcs


Introduction of Digital Articulating Borescopes:

 USB Digital Articulating Borescope Inspection Camera

Videoscopes are designed for visual inspection jobs where the area to be inspected

is inaccessible by other means. The borescope uses a miniature video camera at

the end of the soft tube. The end of the insertion tube includes 6 high light white

LED which makes it possible to get a very clear view and take photos or capture

videos deep within equipment, engines and other dark spaces. There are many applications forborescope inspection cameras. Here are some of them: • Aviation airplane engine maintenance

• Gas cylinder/tank inspection

• Tube and pipe inspection

• Air conditioner and vacuum systems inspection

• Safer and locker inspection

• Instrument, mechanical and equipment repairs

• Automotive, boat, truck, motorcycle engine inspection



1. Sensor: high-quality CMOS sensor

2. Resolution: 640X480

3. Interface: USB2.0.

4. Frame rate: 30 frames/sec (CIF and VGA).

5. Focal distance: 40mm - 400mm

6. Optical lens view angle: 60°

7. Photo format: JPG

8. Video format: AVI

9. High brightness LED: 6 pcs, white color

10. Brightness at 20cm distance: ~ 200 lumens, adjustable

11. Diameter of insertion: 8.5mm

12. Length of insertion: from 350mm to 800mm depending on models

13 Articulation bendable angle: one way 0° to 180° adjustable

14. Angle locker: can be locked/unlocked at any angle

15. Articulation bendable radius: 30mm

16. Water Proof: IP65

16. Working temperature: 0° to 60° 17. Storage temperature: 0° to 60°

18. Works with systems: Windows XP, 7, 8, 10 and MAC, plug & play, Android; (iOS like iPad/iPhone through WiFi Box)

19. Connecting to Android:

Yes through OTG cable (APP:

CameraFi, AbleScope)


How to use :

1. How to bend the articulation see right photo:

The release button and the locker are worked together. Just push down the release

button by the thumb to bend the articulation to a proper angle from 0° to the

180° back and forth.

2. How to lock the articulation angle: There is a locker at the down place of the

release button you can see the knurling on the round edge. Turn the locker

anticlockwise to open the function. Push down the locker and turn the locker

clockwise to close the function.

3. Portrait of the image: The direction of the USB cable indicates the portrait

position of the image

4. At the end of the borescope there are 6 high light white LED around the lens to

provide illumination. To adjust the light user can turn the wheel on the dimmer

on USB cable. The LED lights will be hot after a while. Please do not touch the

camera end by fingers.


Optional Accessories: ( not include in )

Wi-Fi Box:When the endoscope is connected to the WiFi box, the WiFi box converts the image captured by the endoscope into a WiFi signal.

Download the app for free, receive and display images wirelessly from iPhone, iPad and Android devices, or take photos and videos