Xin Si Cheng Technology
MST-1000 Auto Spark Plug Tester

MST-1000 Automotive Igniti on Signal Tester


Capacitive pick-up

Power ON/OFF/RESET button

Secondary Function/Capture button

Ignition system button

Main Function/Calibrate button

LCD display

Engine Cycles button

Protective rubber holster

Flexible probe


MST-1000 Automotive Ignition Pulse Scanner Function:  

1.Minimum and Maximum functions (For COP and SPW modes):
*The MST-1000 maintains a continuous record of the minimum and maximum readings of the function currently selected.
*To display the Minimum and Maximum readings of the main display, if not already selected press’ Secondary Function/Capture’ Button momentarily. 
*To reset the Minimum and Maximum readings, press the ‘Power ON/OFF/Reset’ button momentarily. 
*These values are also rest when turning to "0"

2. Spark KVOLT Calibration function (For Cop mode only)

*The MST1000 requires the user to calibrate the instruments in order to measure spark KVOLT in coil on plug and coil near plug ignition systems. 
*This calibration uses the measurement values obtained during the procedure to find the optimal measuring parameters or a particular type of ignition module, and compensates for differences in waveform and signal strength.
*Once the MST-1000 has been calibrated on one of the ignition modules of the engine being diagnosed, all the subsequent measurement of spark KVOLT will be relative to the calibration value.