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Digital Battery Analyzer with Detachable Printer MST-268

Automotive electrical MST-8000+ Vehicle Battery Tester 12V &24V




Only give with one language that buyer choose when make order 




1. Battery test for the vehicle
Apply to all kinds of standard such as: IEC. EN. DIN.JIS.etc.
2. Start status test
 Start Voltage must he mo re than 9.6V
3. Charge test
 Show charge status voltage as quickly
4. Max. Loading test
 Show battery Voltage more than 1 2.8V



1 .Can quickly and accurately test performance indicators of the battery. such as internal  resistance. cold starting current .

2 .Built-in multi-standard. can easily measure different types of batteries
3. Detect  real-time status of voltage  changes when the vehicle starts
4.Monitor working status of charging system
5.Test discharged battery. and make sure the battery if charge needed 

6.Support  multi-languages : English,Portuguese,Spanish,French,German,Italian, Russia, Chinese,Japanese, Thai  ,Turkish,Chinese(Traditional) 

7.High precision 

8.can print out  the test result with detachable printer battery:12v or 24 v.




1 . 12V and 24V vehicle start battery                 
2. 12V and 24V charge system                        
3. Can detect the following Standard Battery                            
  3.1  100-1 700CCA                   
  3.2  100-1000IN                       
  3.3  100-1000IEC
  3.4  100-1 700EN
  3.5  JIS-JP



Technique parameter:
1.power supply
  supplied by the battery tested
2.Voltage Range: 9-1 8V
3.Display: LCD Screen
4.Work temperature: 18  - 50 Dgree Celsius
5.Cold start Current: 100 CCA or above