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Portable 12V Digital Battery Analyzer with Powerful Function Battery
MST-168-M   Micro Digital Battery Analyzer for Motorcycles

1. Battery test
   Apply to all kinds of standard such as: IEC. EN. DIN.JIS.etc.
2. Start status test
    Start Voltage must be more than 9.6V
3. Charge test
   Show charge status voltage as quickly
4. Max. Loading test
   Show battery Voltage more than 12.8V
Top 9 Reasons to Get MST-168-M:
1. Support   English
2. Support Battery: 12V
3. Can quickly and accurately test performance indicators of the battery, such as internal  resistance. cold starting current
4. Built-in multi-standard: can easily measure different types of batteries
5. Detect  real-time status of voltage changes when the car starts
6. Monitor working status of charging system
7. Test discharged battery. and make sure the battery if charge needed
8. High Precision
1. 12V  car start battery                 
2. 12V  charge system                        
3. Can detect the following Standard Battery                            
 3.1  100-1700CCA                   
 3.2  100-10000IN                       
 3.3 100-1000IEC
 3.4  100-1700EN
 3.5  JIS-JP
Technique Parameter:
1. Power supply: supplied by the battery tested
2. Voltage Range: 9-18V
3. Display: LCD Screen
4. Work temperature: 18°C- 50°C
5. Cold start Current: 100CCA or above