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MST-08 Functions: 

  1. When checking the parts, it could connect the back of terminal directly, would not to damage the circuit, reduce thecircuit rust and avoid to adding impedance.
  2. Apply to any Automotive Multimeter, the extended line of probe for oscilloscope. More convenient connection and checking rapidly.
  3. When checking the electric current, only use the lines to connect the circuit, do not need to cut the electric  wires.
  4. Variable Resister can simulate the pretend signal of coolant temperature sensor, throttle valve sensor and send thepretend signal to computer. It would avoid risk to change the new parts again.
  5. Equip 2 sets LED light. It can supervise hall effect, photoelectric signal, nozzle, electromagnetic valve, electromagneticvalve of transmission shift gear....and control signals.
  6. SRS Connector can simulate airbag and routed contracting device of safety belt to avoid accident or miss-judgment.
  7. Various wires in this box, it is suitable for the Europe, America and Japan terminal. High common use and convenience


 MST-08 Features: 

  1. Wiring Assistance Kit: A perfect wiring circuit checking tool
  2. Can be used quickly for adjustment and assists technician in checking the car problems accurately.
  3. Its variable Resistors can be used to simulate coolant temperature sensor signals, throttle valve sensor signals to vehicle ECU to avoid unnecessary new parts replacement.
  4. Complete set of various wires in the case that are suitable for most European, American and Japanese made terminals.
  5. Equipped with 2 sets of LED lights; it can be used to monitor Hall Effect, photoelectric signals, nozzles, electromagnetic valve of  transmission shift gears and control signals.
  6. SRS connector provided can simulate airbag and routed contracting device of safety belt to avoid accident or miss-judgment. 


 MST-08 Specification: 



 MST-08 Instructions: 

  1. Disconnect the electronic connector
  2. Choose the matching connector adapter to connect the signal cable
  3. Series connect the connected signal cable between electronic connectors
  4. Connect the instrument test table pen and transfer switch wiring connection hole