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Motorcycle Diagnostic Tool
OBDEMOTO-900 Motorcycle Electronic Diagnostic Tool ECU Scanner Single Version for BMW Support KEYPRO

FOR BMW Motorcycle Special Scanner + HONDA + YAMAHA

First in China / Software support until 2022 year / No disassembly, no password read key ID and add new keys / Support full key
loss / Can add new keys at will through OBD diagnostic interface / Key programming / Diagnostic function / Maintenance light reset
/ Mileage adjustment R&D in progress / Computer programming R&D in progress /

Support System / Engine System / ABS System / Instrument Panel / Body System / Anti-theft System / Electronic Suspension System

Tips: Key programming has risks, please contact the manufacturer's technical staff before operation

Support functions (related to the configuration of the ECU)

ECU read/reset tuning values

Calibrate idle speed regulator
Air-fuel ratio parameter reset
Throttle closing position reset
Exhaust valve adjustment, balance pipe adjustment
Set vehicle time
Set maintenance mileage, set maintenance time
ABS system exhaust
Key programming